Who is Calvin Jones?


CalvinSquare.jpgI’m a creative writer, author and freelance copywriter with a penchant for all things digital.

For more than 15 years I’ve been helping clients around the world to understand digital marketing (I even wrote a couple of books on the subject). I help you make sense of the digital marketing landscape, especially the pivotal role effective content plays in attracting, engaging with and ultimately converting customers.

Doing content marketing… a long time before it got “trendy”

I’ve always been a strong advocate of effective, useful content to reach out to and retain customers. Even when I started tinkering with the web, way back in the late 1990s, it was always about understanding the audience, and crafting relevant content that resonated with them.

Over the years I’ve helped lots of businesses embrace the creation of truly valuable content as a way to help the right kind of customer find them, and have seen first hand the transformative effect not just on their business, but on their whole way of doing business.

The evolution of Search and Social: a perfect storm with content at its core

Content marketing is nothing new, but it is more important to your business success than ever before.

The search engines’ relentless quest for relevance , coupled with the surge in social media usage have created an online ecosystem where content is more than just king — content is the soul of your online business — it’s what defines who you are and what you do.

Or at least that’s what I’d be saying if I was American. It’s true… but it’s surprising how many businesses still treat content as an afterthought or an aside. That gives you a great opportunity to stand out by investing in great content as the cornerstone of a progressive marketing strategy.

That’s where I can help. My business is all about helping you harness the unique power of content to deliver real and sustainable value for your business.

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Who is Calvin Jones?

I’m an independent content marketing specialist, web copywriter, social media consultant and online marketing author based in West Cork, Ireland. I love wildlife and I’m intrigued by emerging technology — particularly the way it empowers communication and collaboration, and helps businesses to connect with their customers more effectively.

“Understanding Digital Marketing” and “The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World”

Understanding Digital Marketing“One of the most comprehensive yet easy-to-read books on digital marketing available.”

— The Marketer

Much of the experience and knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years became part of the internationally acclaimed book “Understanding Digital Marketing – marketing strategies for engaging the digital generation”, published by Kogan Page in the UK, the US and India and available worldwide. The book is currently in its second edition.

You can pick up your copy of Understanding Digital Marketing on Amazon

My second book — “The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in the World”, also published by Kogan Page — is packed full of global case studies showing how brands and businesses are harnessing the power of digital channels to connect and engage with customers around the world.

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