Traditional Copywriting

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Outstanding marketing copy helps you stand out from the crowd

Marketing your business is tough. In today’s competitive market you need your marketing material to really perform. You need to leverage anything that puts your business ahead of the competition.

Professionally written marketing material gives your business the edge.

  • Engage your target market from the very first word: excellent copy grabs your reader from the start, and holds their interest enticing them to read on.
  • Speak their language: your marketing copy needs to be tailored for your audience… speak their language, deliver your message in a way that resonates with them.
  • Drive action: results are all about action… and great marketing copy is all about persuading a specific group of people to take action: pick up the phone, subscribe to an e-mail newsletter, fill in a form, ask for more information, etc.

    Professional writing: an investment not a cost

    Don’t look at hiring a professional to write your marketing copy as a business cost, think of it as an indispensable investment that has the potential to deliver real and lasting value for your business.

    Better writing means more compelling marketing, more compelling marketing means more enquiries, more enquiries means more sales, and more sales means more profit.

    The real question isn’t “can I afford to hire a professional copywriter”, the real question is “can I afford not to hire a professional copywriter”.

    What is your professional image worth?

    Every word on every piece of marketing collateral you use – whether it’s a website, a marketing flyer, a classified ad or a direct mail piece – reflects the professional image of your company.

    That’s important! Professional writing goes beyond mere words on the page. It subliminally reflects your business’s commitment to professionalism, and that’s something your customers will pick up on.

    Your professional image is priceless… don’t gamble it on unprofessional content.

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